Las Vegas Help

Welcome to Las Vegas Help

Las Vegas is blessed with having so many organizations that help people in need. There are homeless families and individuals that need shelters as well as warm meals. Low income families need help with food, clothing and other necessities. If you need help in Las Vegas, you can contact one of many organizations that have programs designed to help you.

Many people who need help cannot find where to get help and end up not receiving the help that they need. This is why this website exists so that people who need help can find somewhere that can help them. Most people do not like asking for help so it's important to know where to look so that they will not get rejected many times.

Homeless Help

Many organizations have shelters for homeless men, women, and children as well as specialized shelters. There are many homeless shelters in Las Vegas. Some are homeless shelters for men, some for women only and some for parents with children. Make sure you know the rules of the shelters you plan to visit before you go to them. There are also homeless veterans shelters and shelters for youth at risk.

Food Help

Food pantries are all over Las Vegas but they usually have specific areas and zip codes that they serve. There are some food pantries where you can walk in during their opening hours and get free meals but many of them will need you to show your ID as well as other proof. In addition to food pantries, many organizations and agencies help low income families and individuals with food assistance and groceries.

Other Assistance Programs

So many organizations in Las Vegas have all kinds of assistance programs. Some have free clothing programs and clothing closets where you can get free clothes, shoes and other clothing items.

Financial Assistance

Lots of people need financial assistance. The good news is that there are organizations with funds to help people in Las Vegas financially. There are also rent help programs as well as programs to help with utilities.